Friday, August 1, 2014

My Whole30 Experience, FINAL COUNTDOWN

Day 28:  Slow to wake up, ended up eating a brunch of leftover curry from last night.  Had a banana and almond butter for an afternoon snack and then zoodles with meat sauce and artichoke hearts for dinner (yes, I know I've eaten that about once a week).

Day 29: Woke up, had almond butter and a banana for breakfast, was too scared to open the last kombucha from last week's batch, for fear of an explosion, so stuck with seltzer (then opened the kombucha in my bathtub that night).  For lunch I ate a Whole30-friendly salad from Chipotle.  My understanding is the only Whole30 compliant meat is the pork, so I had lettuce, carnitas, pico de gallo, medium salsa and guacamole.  And holy heck!  It was delicious!  Leftover zoodles for dinner and then the last of the cherries (they're sooo good) and the semi-exploded kombucha.
Day 30: Made eggs last night, so I had hard boiled eggs, banana, almond butter and a new batch of kombucha (with no fear of explosions). Ended up not being able to go for lunch, so ate half an avocado and some melon.  When I got home, steak salad for dinner!  Is there anything better than a delicious, perfectly cooked steak?

Day 31:  I'm free!  Funnily enough, I ate almost completely compliantly today.  I did try to add a little dairy into the day, I had some cheese at a reception and my salad for dinner had some blue cheese dressing (the yogurt kind).
Then I ate a Larabar for dessert.  I didn't feel great after eating the dairy, and it definitely messed with my digestion, but it tasted pretty darn good, so I guess it will be a "sometimes food," as Cookie Monster says.

I also took the time to make Smitten Kitchen's Easiest Fridge Dill Pickles:

I think they're going to be great!
I've got lab work scheduled for Monday morning for my work's health insurance, so I'll be able to tell how the Whole30 has affected my cholesterol levels, blood sugar, etc.  I can tell you that I lost about 12 pounds, so that's pretty neat!  I think I'm going to devote a whole post to results and reflections after I've completed my blood work and my food reintroductions. In the meantime, happy eating!