Monday, September 19, 2016

Whatcha Reading?

One of the most glorious things about being done with grad school is that I have more time to read for pleasure.  I've been reading up a storm this summer, and some of the books are not even embarrassing for me to share with you (some of them are...I'm no stranger to a cheesy bodice-ripper)!

Alexis Smith's Glaciers can be read in an afternoon. Clocking in at less than 200 pages, it tells the brief, but poignant story of Isabel, a girl enthralled with the past who is learning that time waits for no girl.

Sara Benincasa has one of my favorite Instagram feeds.  This book is about her battle with mental health issues and it's HI-LARIOUS!  She's about to blow up big time as a comedian, but you heard it here first!

Jessi Klein has already made it, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't feel that way. This book is about feeling awkward, out of place and like you don't know what the hell you're doing, but it's written by the Emmy Award-winning head writer of Inside Amy Schumer (whose new book I have checked out from the library right now).