Monday, July 28, 2014

My Whole30 Experience, Week 4

Day 21:  Forgot to make my eggs last night, so I took a banana, almond butter and homemade kombucha with chia seeds for breakfast.  Have I mentioned I love my kombucha?  Because I really, really do.  It was a crazy day at work and I ended up not being able to come home for lunch (the original plan), so instead I ate a bunch of roast beef and a handful of cashews.  Not my proudest moment, but I didn't go hungry and I didn't cheat!  When I got home for dinner, I browned up some local beef chorizo and made it into a chili con carne.  I also threw together a quick crock pot full of stock with last week's chicken carcass.  I've made my eggs for tomorrow and am feeling a little more on top of things.

Day 22: Woke up, packed my eggs, kombucha, banana and almond butter PLUS a piece of prosciutto bacon, which was delicious!  My kombucha exploded all over my desk, I'm using a different kind of juice this week, and it seems that it ferments much more quickly than my other batch.  Live and learn (and keep Clorox wipes in your desk drawer)!  For lunch I ordered off Panera's secret Power Menu.  I got the Mediterranean Chicken salad (with no bacon).  It was nice, if a little bland. Then for dinner I had leftover chili con carne and some strawberries sprinkled with coconut (in two different bowls, just to be clear, I didn't top my chili with strawberries). 

Day 23:  My kombucha exploded in epic fashion all over the wall of my office this morning, so apparently ALL of them got extra fizzy this time, though I'm not sure why. Had my eggs and banana as well, they did not explode upon opening. Ate leftover chili for lunch and dinner, I've got a lot on my plate at work this week and have been working a little more than I'd like.

Day 24: Kombucha, eggs, banana, almond butter, and no explosion.  Win!  I had a no-bun-no-cheese-no-sauce In 'N Out burger for lunch (get used to mustard, people).  Then I went out to dinner with a visiting co-worker for dinner at a Mexican restaurant (talk about not being able to eat anything).  I ended up with a steak salad, but it wasn't fun watching her drink her margarita and eat her cheesy, corny meal.  I lived to tell the tale, however.  6 days to go!

Day 25: Just eggs and kombucha for breakfast this morning, I'm out of bananas. Really looking forward to a full weekend (no coming in to work, just working from home!  Hooray!).  Made a date with a friend for the farmer's market on Sunday and I'm headed out to a dinner party on Saturday night, my hostess is giving me a hard time about why vinegar is okay, but wine isn't and why legumes are out, but I'll bring myself some seltzer and a dish I know is compliant and go from there!  For dinner I made chicken tom kha, and it really hit the spot!

Day 26: Slept right through breakfast time, so I made myself a brunch of sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, prosciutto and shallot hash, with an over-medium egg.  It was delicious, if I do say so myself.  For lunch I had a fruit smoothie while I prepared my dish for a dinner party.  I made shrimp ceviche (no corn) with homemade sweet potato chips for dipping (slice thin thinly coat with neutral oil and salt and bake at 250 for 90 minutes, flip halfway).  It was pretty delicious (and it wasn't just me that said so).

Day 27: Lazed about until farmer's market time, big mistake, as I didn't eat before I left.  Fortunately, I was able to avoid buying everything in sight and came home to some tuna salad and an apple with almond butter.

Then I made yellow curry with chicken over some fried cauliflower rice for dinner.  It was good, and I have enough leftover for a meal tomorrow!
Sprouts has Wild Boar and Kangaroo and all kinds of crazy meats!