Monday, March 17, 2014

Sláinte! Or, a corned beef and cabbage breakdown.

I know you've all been on the edges of your seats wondering how my St. Patrick's Day feast turned out.   I mean, as of today I have at least 2 readers who aren't related to me! Well, see for yourself!  It was delicious!  I decided on cabbage 2 ways, the Martha Stewart way AND the Kalyn's Kitchen way. 

The Martha Stewart way just had me cook the cabbage slowly in the juice from the roast.  Delicious, but it did make my apartment smell a little fart-y, not gonna lie.  Also, if you aren't using crock pot liners, your life may be incomplete.  Seriously. 

The Kalyn's Kitchen way was my favorite.  Obviously, I couldn't follow the recipe exactly, that would be too boring. 


So, I added garlic, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes into the mixture I brushed over the cabbage.  It gave the cabbage a spicy, smoky flavor that went really well with the lemon. 

 I roasted the cabbage in the oven, I also roasted the veggies and corned beef on a broiling pan, the fat cap on the roast hadn't completely rendered, so it was the best of both worlds.  Everything was tender and moist from the slow cooker, but had the crispy edges I love!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, I'm gonna go track down some Smithwick's