Monday, March 17, 2014

Adventure: A visit to Cubs Park and a tutorial on proper Chicago dog preparation.

I went to see the Cubbies play at their new park in Mesa, AZ this weekend and it was great! The field is brand new and the amenities are beautiful.  My college's alumni group set up an event in the park's rooftop terrace.  It's called Eighteen | 76 and is meant to mimic the rooftop clubs at Wrigley Field.  When you walk in you have the opportunity to put a customized message on the replica marquis, which I chose not to do because I didn't feel like waiting in line, there was a long one even an hour before game time.

The field itself is beautiful and there was plenty of sunbathing going on in the outfield.  The structure under the score board is Eighteen | 76.

 In the outfield, you'll find a wiffle ball park, a trolley and a rotating cast of food trucks to choose from. Normally, that's where you'd find me, but I was determined to try the concession stand's Chicago dog.  My  reaction?  A resounding meh.  They were already waiting under heat lamps when I ordered, they came with pico de gallo, a pickle spear and peppers.  The pickle and the peppers were spot on, the poppy seed bun and celery seed were present, but there was no wedges of tomato, no giant pieces of onion, no day-glo relish.  I was able to add my own mustard and pickle relish (no ketchup, obviously) and it came close.  But the bun disintegrated as I ate and I finished disappointed.  I should've held out and hit up the Portillo's down the road on my way home.

Now they know how to make a Chicago dog..and a heck of an Italian beef sandwich.