Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adventure: Sonoran Desert Museum

Alright, confession time.  I haven't cooked much this last few days.  I had a friend in town and we were too busy having adventures to worry about cooking.  We had several great meals at Cornish Pasty Company, The Hub, and El Charro Cafe.  We saw a play, laid by the pool, watched movies, went stargazing, visited a Mission, celebrated Star Wars Day and took my first ever trip to the Sonoran Desert Museum, which has been recommended to me by basically everyone I know.  Here are some highlights:

This is called a Baja Fairy Duster, and I love it!
This Mountain Lion was doing the only logical thing, lying around in the shade.
I call this the disco fabulous hummingbird.  I'm pretty sure that's the real name.
Their little wings do go awfully fast!
Cactus flowers are weird. Weirdly awesome!
The big news in town is that this otter just got his own Twitter feed.  I'm not joking!
This is what saguaro cacti look like after they die (and a woodpecker).

These are eels, I just thought they were super neat!